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Fire Fly Medical

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What we do

Firefly Medical has identified a premier opportunity in the outdated traditions of patient care. Much of the medical equipment that was originally designed with a casual “this will work” approach has now become decades-old dinosaurs. These old products cannot address new problems. The vision of Firefly Medical is to design and commercialize innovative medical equipment used in the direct care of the patient. Every idea we have and every product we design has one primary purpose: to significantly improve the experience of patients and their caregivers. It’s all about “Intelligent Care by Design.”

Why we do it

In the last 35 years, the environment in healthcare has dramatically changed. Demands are higher and expectations are greater. Aging baby boomers are fueling demand for better products, care, and results. Medical equipment that was once cutting edge now barely cuts it at all.

The innovative and revolutionary product roadmap of Firefly Medical will improve the way healthcare is provided and received. Better patient care IS possible, and better equipment can provide better results. The Company’s products are expected to

  • Improve patient and caregiver safety
  • Reduce operating costs and liabilities for healthcare institutions
  • Resolve expensive and cumbersome storage problems
  • Decrease the workload and wasted time of nurses and those providing direct patient care
  • Assist patients to an easier recovery

Firefly Medical’s debut product is a brilliant new product catagory to replace the outdated and unsafe IV pole. It is the “Infusion Management System” or IMS. This disruptive technology is a whole new solution specifically designed to handle the demands of 21st Century healthcare. Over 130 face-to-face meetings with a wide range of healthcare professionals have amounted to a near-unanimous applause for the specific design and features of the IMS.

How we do it

Great design is a key component to this process, for outstanding design rules supreme in today’s marketplace.  Merely describing something as “quality” now elicits a yawn because that is simply expected.  We understand the need for superb design and we place a heavy emphasis upon it.  Already, we find we are designing the products the healthcare industry didn’t know it needed, but which are now the products they will not want to work without.

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